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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Skopes a Garage band that made HISTORY

John Centinaro from The Tampa Florida area managed and produced a mid1960's garage band called The Skopes and I helped him get their record "She's Got Bad Breath"/ "Tears in Your Eyes" on the USA record label in Chicago(the same label that Chicago's Buckinghams appeared on with "Kind of a Drag" written by The Mob's Jimmy "Soul" Holvay that was a Billboard #1 hit)...John Centinaro is a talented man in the music business..he was a booking agent, a songwriter, a record producer and a genius of a promoter..James Marvell and Buddy Good from that garage band-"The Skopes" went on to become part of a #2 Billboard hit in the group "Mercy" who recorded "Love (Can Make You Happy)" written by Jack Sigler Jr....later on John Centinaro,James Marvell and Buddy Good arrived in Nashville to star in the country duo known as "The Country Cavaleers"...James Marvell from The Skopes has an excellent You-Tube video online which is a salute to all garage bands worldwide.....

For more on The Skopes,Surprize,Mercy & The Country Cavaleers. click on the Blue Title for this post above which is a link to next time...listen to all types of music...Your friend.."The Screaming Wildman" Carl Bonafede

Monday, February 7, 2011

Winterdance 2011 from Clear Lake Iowa

Carl Bonafede and Michele Abrams Bob Hale & Michele Abrams
JUST BACK FROM CLEAR LAKE, IOWA AND THE 2011 WINTER DANCE .....Here are a few good photos of the visit..............."The Screaming Wildman" Carl Bonafede

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Mob on Twilight records

To listen to Big Al & The Mob perform this song..."Try a Little Tenderness"click on the Blue letters above......

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Carl Bonafede and Chicago's Gem Tones

The Gem Tones were the backing musicians on Carl Bonafede's recording of "Were Wolf "....Harry Manfredini on sax..Ken Cerretti on keyboards... Pete Walsh on guitar...Emil Rotondo on bass...Jack Bouchelle on drums.....The Gem Tones were the very first Chicago band ever to appear on ABC tv's Dick Clark show ..a precursor to American Bandstand....from Philadelphia PA